Foodservice Operators in the US Expanding Through Beverage Offerings

ElizabethFriend  JonasFeliciano 

With Elizabeth Friend, Senior Consumer Foodservice Analyst and Jonas Feliciano, Beverages Industry Analyst




Michael SchaeferModerated by Michael Schaefer, Head of Global Consumer Foodservice and Beverages Research

With Starbucks expanding its handcrafted soda program to 3000 outlets and Pepsi now bottling the previously exclusive to Taco Bell Baja Blast Mountain Dew, the US is at the center of the more interesting soft drink moves in the global consumer foodservice market. While both moves can be seen as a clear profit play, there is also an indication consumer drink preferences are moving away from a single soft drink brand to a variety. These moves are designed to tap into this preference, offering consumers a range of drinks and flavors.

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