Coronavirus Disruption on the Tissue and Hygiene Industry

In this weekly podcast, Euromonitor International discusses the impact of the coronavirus on industries, economies and consumers.

In this episode, we look at the impact of COVID-19 on the tissue and disposable hygiene industry. In the short term, consumers have started to stockpile items like toilet paper and disposable wipes; which is not necessarily a good thing for established brands as consumers look towards cheaper private labels to stock up on. Direct-to-consumer brands are seeing a huge spike in demand as consumers face empty store shelves. Bidet sales have spiked in the US, as consumers look for alternatives in the current environment.

Bidet sales are just one disruptor to the industry that the outbreak is pushing. Consumers are also traveling less, meaning fewer hotel stays, fewer conventions and fewer people in airports – all meaning demand for tissue and hygiene products in those spaces are very low. These areas are likely to feel a negative impact for longer as business activities and travel will take longer to normalize compared to a more temporary impact in retail.