Competition in Scandinavian Beauty Market Intensifies as Apparel Retailers make their Move

Apparel retailers have been a significant retail channel in the Scandinavian beauty and personal care market, particularly in Norway and Sweden. Through the years apparel retailers like H&M and Cubus have built extensive brand portfolios with both mass market brands and brands from leading fashion houses. Now, these retailers are moving into the beauty and personal care space. H&M, for example, released H&M Beauty with no less than 700 products in mid-2015, and other retailers such as Lindex and Ellos launched their own beauty lines as well. The impact of these retailers releasing beauty products will be notable, especially because these collections are usually affordable and will compete with existing beauty brands at low and mid-range prices. In order to stay competitive beauty specialist brands will need to differentiate themselves by highlighting multifunctional properties and advanced formulations.

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