Personal Accessories 2018 Edition: A Global Snapshot

Personal accessories 2018 edition research edition: a global snapshot - global sales us$530 billion in 2017. Value growth 1% in US$ over 2016-2017 period. Global expenditure per capita US$71 in 2017. Personal accessories performance overview from 2003-2022. Market sizes in US$ bn by category: Bags and luggage, jewellery, watches and writing instruments. Internet retailing sales CAGR % over 2012-2017 by category. Competitive landscape ranking by value share 2009-2016. Personal accessories sales by region CAGR % 2012-2017, 2017-2022 and market size 2017 in US$ bn.

Global personal accessories sales are set to increase by 1% in 2017, posting a slightly better performance than the one recorded in 2016. The timid recovery of key categories like Jewellery and Watches, along with strong growth in several markets in Asia Pacific, are some of the reasons behind this improvement. Personal Accessories remains heavily fragmented with top 10 players accounting for less than 10% of global value sales, of which, only 8% will take place online in 2017.