Parangani Water Project, empowering the local community

In April this year we announced that we would be funding a clean water and sanitation project tin Tamil Nadu India through our partnership with Just a Drop.  The project, now underway, will increase access to clean, safe drinking water to over 1600 in Parangani Village.  In May engineers carried out water yield tests to determine the best location of a new borehole well, after testing 8 locations drilling work was completed at the very beginning of June.  The next stage will be to install the pump.

A key part of the Just a Drop programme is ensuring local people have ownership of the project and are given the necessary training to maintain the well and sanitation facilities long after the Just a Drop team have left.  Over the summer the village has elected the members of their Water and Sanitation Committee and they are currently undergoing training.

The Indian Government is providing incentives for families to build proper toilets but most of them have little idea about what to build.  Through this project 6 families have been selected by the village to be “model families” they will have toilets built in their home and will be an example for others when applying for Government support.  You can find out more about the families that will benefit from the project and the latest developments in this short video.