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Top 5 Digital Consumer Trends in 2018

In this webinar, our industry expert leverages Passport Digital Consumer data and analysis to discuss the top 5 digital trends that continue to change the path to purchase.
  • NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show
    All day
    01 14, 2018-01 16, 2018

    NRF 2018 is Retail’s Big Show. It’s retail’s most important three-day conference, which brings together the largest gathering of industry executives for discussions of the latest industry trends and gives attendees an unparalleled view into how retail brands of all sizes are transforming themselves for the digital age. The event offers unique networking opportunities and a glimpse of the latest technologies and solutions for retailers. For more than a century, NRF’s annual convention and EXPO has been the annual gathering for industry luminaries and leaders, and it remains the place where big things happen in retail.

  • Petfood Industry Webinar: Top Pet Food Trends for 2018
    All day
    01 16, 2018

    Every year finds the pet food industry grappling with more complexity, more nuance and greater responsibility to its consumers, and 2017 was no different. With a significant focus on ingredients, e-commerce and what customers want for their pets, the year found companies scrutinizing their packaging, labeling, ingredient composition and even their place in the industry relative to consumer perception. As it turns out, the new year is likely to bring more of the same, with an even stronger focus on pet nutrition, as well as company accountability and responsibility.

    According to industry experts, three top trends will play heavily into 2018 pet food business: the “clean” movement, traceability and accountability, and sustainability. In this webinar, “Top pet food trends for 2018,” attendees will learn how these three trends are presenting in the pet food industry. Backed by domestic (US) and international data, the trends will be shown as influencing all aspects of the industry, including manufacturing, labeling, packaging and overall industry direction.

    In addition, other notable trends (such as the continuing evolution of the grain-free movement) will be highlighted, and a summary for the pet food industry in 2018 will be presented. A post-webinar Q&A session will provide attendees with additional opportunity to ask about trending topics in 2018.


    • The top 3 trends that will influence the pet food industry in 2018
    • How those trends will affect the pet food market’s various segments
    • Additional notable trends to watch in 2018


    Speakers: Paula Flores, Head of Pet Care Research, Euromonitor International and Lindsay Beaton, Managing Editor, Petfood Industry 


    REGISTER HERE for the live webinar on January 16, 2018 at 9:00 AM CST

  • 100% Optical 2018
    All day
    01 27, 2018-01 29, 2018

    100% Optical is the largest optical event in the UK, bringing together over 8,000 professionals to learn, network and discover the latest products, technologies and solutions on an international stage.

    The show returns for a special year in 2018, its fifth anniversary! Make a date for this exciting opportunity to see thousands of new products from over 200 global eyewear, equipment and contact lens brands.

  • ISM 2018
    All day
    01 28, 2018-01 31, 2018

    Event Description: ISM is the world’s largest trade fair for sweets and snacks. A successful combination between impulses and innovations, exciting networking, first-class exhibitors and competent visitors forms an offer that is unique around the globe. At ISM you will also find the world’s largest offer of private label in sweets & snacks.


  • International Production & Processing Expo
    All day
    01 30, 2018-02 01, 2018

    The 2018 International Production & Processing Expo will bring together more than 1,200 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors in Atlanta, Ga. USA from Jan. 30 – Feb. 1, 2018. The trade show focuses on Innovation – bringing together buyers and sellers of the latest technology of products and services to make your business successful, Education – learning from the experts in free – and fee-based world-class programs beginning Mon., Jan. 29, on topics that cross industry interests, Global Reach – attracting more than 8,000 International visitors from 129 countries, and Networking – meeting new and rekindling old relationships with leaders across the industries.

    Link to event page:



  • National Coffee Association Webinar: U.S. Coffee Outlook 2018
    All day
    01 31, 2018

    Eric Penicka of Euromonitor International will provide an overview of the US coffee landscape, discussing trends, growth drivers and future opportunities. Although the flat coffee volumes seen over the past five years are expected to persist, Euromonitor International’s analysis will delve into the underlying dynamics of this stability, where growth will come from and industry prospects.

    This webinar will highlight:

    • What are the underlying dynamics of the US coffee market?
    • Where will growth come from in the five coming years?
    • How can coffee capitalise on the flurry of recent positive health studies?
    • How will e-commerce change the status quo? (Free for NCA members; $119 for non-members)

    Time: 1 PM ET / 12 PM CT


NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show

January 14 - 16

New York City, New York | Jacob K. Javits Convention Center


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