Outdoor Oasis: Giving Consumers an Escape from the Indoors

This blog post is part of a series highlighting Euromonitor International’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2021 report.

Euromonitor International recently published the 2021 edition of our Top 10 Global Consumer Trends report which identifies and examines key trends affecting consumer behaviour and priorities. The global pandemic has undoubtedly caused shockwaves across the world and stay-at-home restrictions forced consumers and businesses to adapt under limited movement and in-person interactions.

The health crisis influenced the Outdoor Oasis trend, moving normal indoor activities outdoors like dining, working and socialising. People are searching for an Outdoor Oasis to support their mental and physical wellbeing. More and more consumers now seek open-air structures and are likely to turn to companies who safely provide these services to take care of their mental health and keep a well-balanced work and home life.

Consumer Perception / Definition of "Good Health"

Source: Source: Euromonitor International Health and Nutrition Survey, fielded February 2020

An Outdoor Oasis can be anything from dining experiences to open-air concerts and exercising grounds, giving consumers who may feel trapped the opportunity to experience a change of scenery from inside their homes. As international travel remains limited, domestic lodging options like glamping and property rentals are becoming popular options among consumers.

Bringing the indoors, outside and making the urban, rural

Consumers who were accustomed to a busy city life increasingly want a safe outdoor space for them to socialise, whilst following government regulations to prevent the spread of the virus. 64% of professionals believe working from home will become a long-term change. Institutions like the Vilnius City Opera relocated performances outside, making the opera more accessible to the general public in a safe way. Another popular method which companies have used to adapt is by setting up mini outdoor domes. Imnts Outdoor Studio for example built 50 individual geodesic domes for practising hot yoga outdoors while keeping in line with social distancing.

Outlook for Outdoor Oasis

Although costly, businesses need to match the growing demand for outdoor spaces by investing in open-air structures and heating and lighting systems to cater to outdoor occasions during all seasons. These types of venues will continue to remain as COVID-19 friendly setups for consumers and will become essential for the hospitality industry moving forward.