Date: March7-8, 2012

Location: Birmingham, UK.

Event Description: Nutraformulate is the only conference and exhibition designed to meet the specific requirements of the UK’s functional foods industry.

The biggest of its kind in the UK, it combines an exhibition showcasing the ingredients and expertise of companies active in this area, with seminar sessions designed to give attendees the tools and information they need to develop products that meet current and future consumer demand.

Speaker: Euromonitor Research Analyst Diana Cowland’s presentation will look at the opportunities for growth in the global beauty from within, taking into consideration the region disparity across the globe. Why is Japan and China thriving in this market? Why is the UK still so underdeveloped and will it ever catch up to the leaders? As demand grows for ‘beauty from within’ there are key lessons to be learnt from why certain nutricosmetic launches have flourished and why others have failed.

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