New Synergies Between Home Care and Pet Care

Due to the increasing interest in cat litter, SC Johnson and its home care brand Glade have teamed up with Tidy Cats to expand into the cat litter category. With a global share of 12% in 2013, Tidy Cats from Nestlé SA leads the category. Glade, on the other hand, achieved a 23% share in air care in 2012, with sales worth some US$586 million, although its competitiveness is being undermined by the slow performance of home care in more developed markets, where its presence is stronger. Tapping into the more vibrant pet care market could provide the brand with new opportunities. Cat litter, on the other hand, is being impacted by the presence of private label, which is limiting its prospects for further gains. Innovation is thus key to adding value in what is a fairly commoditised category. Whether this could bring about new partnerships and ventures in the future remains to be seen but it is possible that Catsan (Mars) could be next to partner a home care brand and it seems strange that Procter & Gamble and its Febreze brand have not as yet ventured into the pet care space. With a close link between pet ownership and carpet cleaner usage, Reckitt Benckiser’s aptly named Vanish could be another brand with a future in pet care.

Innovation is a must-have to drive growth in cat litter