New Megatrend Briefings

We have published the next in our series of megatrend reports, exploring each of our eight focus megatrends in more depth. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that is proactive, rather than reactive, making sense of where they stand today, but also ensuring they have a plan to remain relevant moving forward. These reports delve into the megatrends that we have identified as being the most important across markets.

Experience more, shifting market frontiers, shealthy living, shopping reinventd, middle class retreat, ethical living, premiumisation, connected consumers

Connected Consumers: “Can do” Versus “Should do” Thinking explores the impact of the Internet of Things on consumers and the pervading influence of Artificial Intelligence.

Ethical Consumer: Mindful Consumerism looks at how the three As of ethical consumption – Awareness, Availability and Affordability – drive ethical consumption, yet still lag behind efficacy and value in purchasing decisions.

Experience More Across the Customer Journey investigates how brands need to keep the consumer at the heart of their strategies, creating a seamless and increasingly tailored experience across the path to purchase.

Healthy Living: The New Face of Healthy Ageing delves into how companies can support older consumers, many of whom are still working and caring for children, to maximise their healthy years, targeting them sensitively and avoiding stereotypes.

Middle Class Retreat: Fickle Consumers investigates the savvy, value-conscious and disloyal middle classes across developed markets, and more specifically, how to connect with these consumers who prefer to listen to each other than to brands.

Premiumisation: Why Foodservice Matters to Every Industry looks at how, with the importance of service in premium strategy, brands in nearly every industry can look to foodservice for inspiration, innovation and building engagement with consumers.

Shifting Market Frontiers: Asian Century explores a region which will be responsible for half of global growth in consumer expenditure. With a diverse consumer base, multinationals are competing against d increasingly sophisticated local players.

Shopping Reinvented: Empathy and the Key to a Superior Shopper Journey delves into consumers’ demands for convenience and experience throughout the shopper journey and explores the importance of empathy and innovation in winning today’s consumers.

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