New Country Reports on Economies and Consumers: Income and Expenditure

Euromonitor International is pleased to announce the launch of Income and Expenditure Country Reports for 2018. The new set of reports – starting with China, the USA and Singapore – will identify, analyse and visualise key insights and trends in income distribution and consumer spending patterns in major economiesNew to this year’s Income and Expenditure reports is a Scenario Analysis section assessing the impact of a macro scenario that is most relevant to the country in focus using our Income and Wealth Distribution Model and Consumer Spending by Income Bands Tool. An extra 18 countries will also be added to this year’s edition to bring the number of core countries we cover to 103.

Impact of China Hard Landing on Income-Wealth Distribution in China: 2017-2030

Source: Euromonitor International’s Income-Wealth Distribution Model

The Income and Expenditure Country Reports are instrumental to businesses who need to understand and compare the consumer market potential in core countries. You can find them by choosing the Country Reports option under the Analysis Finder menu on the Income and Expenditure page.

Did You Know?

  • Although China still has one of the most uneven income distributions in the region, the country’s income distribution starts to improve. The Chinese government considers tackling income inequality as one of its priorities, with an action plan issued in 2013 to improve incomes of workers and farmers. Rural migrant workers have started to enjoy improving bargaining power and higher wages, especially as the country’s labour pool starts to decline;
  • Within the USA, California will remain the country’s largest consumer market in terms of total consumer expenditure through to 2030, as it has the largest population in the country. In the meantime, Colorado, North Dakota and the District of Columbia are set to see the strongest rise in consumer expenditure in the coming years, driven by the regions’ economic dynamism and population growth. An oil boom has fuelled economic growth in North Dakota, resulting in a fast expansion in the region’s consumer spending power;
  • While couple-with-children families represent the largest consumer market in Singapore, single-person households are forecast to be the fastest-growing market across household types over the period 2018-2030, which will generate rising demand for categories like communications, housing and health goods and medical services.