Senior Analyst David Ingemar Hedin Will be Speaking at Natural Products Scandinavia

Next week food and drink companies gather in Malmö, Sweden, side by side with some of the most interesting natural cosmetics brands, for the annual event Natural Products Scandinavia. Euromonitor International’s participation is an appreciated, already perennial part of the event and a chance for brand managers and marketing managers to get a condensed view of the trends that represent all those exhibitors, eagerly showing off their latest innovations. From the food and drinks team, participating for the second year in a row, Senior Analyst David Ingemar Hedin sees an increasingly segmentable consumer structure in the Nordics, which results in increasingly more successful niche launches, with mass positioned products taking a back seat. He believes that healthy living in the Nordics, although full of contradictions between health awareness and indulgence trends, consists of a plethora of trends and niches that still can be roughly categorised into the main categories of Scientific Health, Sports and Wellbeing and Natural. Scientific health refers to products developed with modern technology, often promising increased health with a minimum of effort. Sports and Wellbeing refers to products positioned as supporting efforts in physical activity. Meanwhile, natural is a sales argument in itself that involves interest in sustainability, green proteins, fairtrade, organic and local food production. This and more in the Natural Theatre of Natural Products Scandinavia in Malmö, Sweden, November 15th at 15:30. Free entry is still possible by reserving a ticket online at

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