Middle East Presents Opportunities for Continuous Learning Companies

The population aged at 65+ is expected to increase by more than 35% by 2025, constituting 10% of the total world population, up from 9% in 2016. China and India will have the largest number of seniors; however, the growth of ageing populations will be the highest in the Middle Eastern countries, including United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.


Countries with highest 65+ population in 2025

top 20 countries for 65+ population, 2025

Source: Euromonitor International 

Ageing populations create opportunities for continuous education. One of the most noticeable trends is the growing brain fitness market, aiming to improve mental agility and slowing or reversing age-related memory decline. Tech related trends like gamification, micro-learning, high-velocity training area also highly relevant trends to adult and professional education where companies try to make learning more efficient and involving.

Ageing populations in developed countries result in the growing popularity of more flexible education solutions, which cater for working and senior audience. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) like Coursera or edX have already become a permanent part of the educational landscape as they are effective and easily accessible through smartphones.

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