Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing, wins Remodista’s Women2Watch Award

Michelle Grant, Head of Retailing at Euromonitor International, was presented the Women2Watch Innovation Award 2017 from Remodista, recognizing her thought leadership within the retail industry. The second annual Women2Watch program consists of 80 influential executives who are solving retail technology problems.

To better understand her leadership and influence within the retailing industry, Michelle provides insight into her role at Euromonitor and what it took to get to where she is today.

What is leadership for you? How do you stand out as a leader?

I am a firm follower of servant leadership. One of my most important objectives as a leader is to help my colleagues develop key skillsets and explore new ones to ensure excellent performance but also to encourage personal growth.

Another important aspect of leadership to me is to lead by example. I won’t ask people to do things that I haven’t done myself and I’m quick to help out on any project that needs my assistance.

How do you inspire innovation within your industry?

I inspire innovation through my analysis of the retailing landscape, highlighting key trends that will reshape the future of retail globally, within companies, at conferences, through reports and content development. But I also find that asking the right, and often difficult questions, leads to innovation.

What does innovation mean to you?

To me, innovation is providing a solution in a simple manner.

Do you have a role model, who inspired you to develop leadership potential and to grow as a female leader?

I’m fortunate to have a lot of women that inspire and help me as a leader. These women are in the retail community, work with me at Euromonitor and are my friends and family (they know who they are). No one gets to where they are without help and I’m grateful for my amazing, supportive network.

How did you become a thought leader in your industry?

I have a passion for the retail industry that extends beyond my job.  I’m constantly reading about it, listening to podcasts about it and sharing my thoughts on social media about it.  I’m an active member in the industry, attending and speaking at conferences and sharing insights within the retail space.  All of this allows me to have a deep understanding of what’s happening and what may happen.

What is your advice for others?

  • Be nice and respectful to others.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for help. In turn, answer questions and help others.
  • Say yes to all opportunities until you’re at the point in your career when you need to be selective.