Euromonitor to Speak at Mexico Business Summit 2015


Event Name: 13th Mexico Business Summit

Event date: 25-27 October, 2015

About the event: Over its 13 years of existence the Mexico Cumbre de Negocios has become the number one economic and business event in the region. It has expanded its footprint to cover not only Mexico’s future but the key strategic issues common to or impacting on the whole region. The creation of the Pacific Alliance, the Trans Pacific Partnership developments have highlighted how so many crucial issues affecting one country such as Mexico, and its partners, impact on one another. The Mexico Cumbre de Negocios has thus become the unique platform covering these strategic issues combining regional and national perspectives.

About the session: Please join Sarah Boumphrey, Head of Strategic, Economic and Consumer Insight, at the session titled “It is all about the Middle Class”. In this session the panelists will address three main points in order to discuss the importance of the middle class: What is the actual size of what could be considered “middle class” in Mexico? How is the consuming power of middle-class households evolving and according to what driving factors? What can be done to promote the development of this middle class as a way to create a wider and stronger basis for Mexico’s economic growth and for the consolidation of the democratic system in the country?