Meet Euromonitor at ITB Berlin to Learn More about the Travel Sharing Economy

The travel sharing economy is host to some of the world’s most famous peer-to-peer brands like Airbnb and Uber.  Benefiting from technological disruption, rapid urbanisation, Generation Y’s influence and smartphone proliferation, the sharing economy has taken the travel and tourism industry by storm, tapping into the consumer zeitgeist for sustainable, authentic and local services when it comes to lodging, transport, activities, dining and finance, amongst others.  It’s a love-hate relationship as consumers enjoy the convenience and price of renting from peers, whilst travel players have been caught on the back-foot by the speed of change. Faced with legislative challenges, the future of the sharing economy remains uncertain, however, Euromonitor International expects travel and retail heavyweights to enter the fray and add to the sector’s legitimacy.


ITB_Berlin_logoAt ITB Berlin, Euromonitor International’s Head of Travel Research, Caroline Bremner, will highlight the trends and future prospects for the travel sharing economy and will offer a top-level strategic analysis of how major trends will influence global markets.


To learn more, join Euromonitor International at ITB Convention:

Date: March 6, 2015

Time: 16:15 – 16:35

Location: Hall 7.1b, Auditorium London, ITB Berlin