Measuring Brand Performance by Price Positioning – New Research in Chocolate Confectionery

At the core of marketing snacks is predicting how consumers will respond to different stimuli. How will endorsement help raise sales? What effect does buying chocolate in a boutique vs supermarket have on quality perception? Euromonitor International’s latest research into chocolate confectionery’s brand pricing aims to shed light on these points.

In the latest global briefing, Economy, Standard or Premium? What’s Driving Growth in Chocolate Confectionery?, Euromonitor International pinpoints different price platforms within chocolate confectionery and evaluates brand performances. This briefing uses unique data generated by combining pricing details gathered across all chocolate confectionery brands, with market shares tracked for over a decade. As a result, a new data set has been created for seven key countries: The US, the UK, China, Brazil, Japan, Turkey and India, with brands positioned as economy, standard and premium (based on price). This unique data is available upon request only as it is not currently available on Passport.



Euromonitor International’s latest new product: Packaged Food Forecast Model

In addition, this briefing is the first to demonstrate insights using Euromonitor International’s latest statistical tool, the Packaged Food Forecast Model. The first chapter of this briefing is entirely dedicated to using the model in assessing future demand for chocolate. For example, in China, income is a strong causal factor in future chocolate demand, whilst for Brazil, this has little calculated effect. Instead, population growth is forecast to drive overall chocolate demand in the next five years.