Mature markets still vital to future chained consumer foodservice growth

by the Euromonitor Editorial Team.

Euromonitor International’s Consumer Foodservice 2010 data is now live in our market research database, Passport.

The economic downturn has hit global foodservice sales hard, with continued expansion in the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East overshadowed by contracting overall demand in the mature markets of North America and Western Europe.

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Consumer-foodservice-datagraphic-developed-markets-chained-foodservice-demand While emerging markets are expected to dominate growth going forward, with close to 90% of total consumer foodservice value growth to 2014 coming from Asia Pacific and Latin America, the near-term outlook is more complicated for chained players—North America and Western Europe are still projected to account for more than 40% of chained foodservice sales growth over the next five years, necessitating a balanced strategy that combines steady expansion in fast-growing emerging markets with continued innovation in still-crucial developed regions.