Market Growth in Global Carbonates (datagraphic)

A notable change for Soft Drinks in 2010 is the improvement in carbonates trend.

Globally, carbonates volume growth in 2010 has improved vs. the past two years, especially in the United States and Russia, and is approaching the pre-recession trend.

The data for Euromonitor International’s 2011 edition of Soft Drinks goes live December 13, 2010.

Enclosed text:

Global Carbonates Volume Recovering

On a global basis in 2010, carbonates volume grew by 1.8% over 2009. This is a marked improvement from the last two years’ average growth of 0.7% per year and approaches pre-recession growth rates.

Volume Growth Improvement is Broad Based

The growth rate went from negative to positive in a mix of developed and developing markets. The growth trend turned positive in 2010 in four developed markets, including the all-important U.S. Importantly, no developed market had positive growth in 2009 that turned negative in 2010. There were also eight developing markets that contracted in 2009 that switched to growth in 2010, including Russia and Argentina.