Make Decisions about Tomorrow’s Economy Today

Euromonitor is pleased to announce the publication of World Economic Prospects (3rd Edition). This book is a guide to market conditions in 52 countries world-wide. It examines the current of a market, the outlook for short-term growth, political stability and risk, and Euromonitor’s overall evaluation of a country’s market prospects. It is an important reference for analysts who must make decisions about tomorrow’s economy today.

The main questions that the book addresses include:

  • Which of the world’s major economies will be the fastest growing in both the short term and long term and which are likely to perform relatively poorly?
  • What are the driving forces for growth in each country and what could be the major causes of a poor performance? What are the key benchmarks or policy decisions to look for when assessing a country’s economic future?
  • What is the likely pattern of growth in the world’s major economies over the next 5-15 years and how will economic hierarchies relating to per capita income, national income and other measures change over this period?

The publication appears at a particularly timely junction in view of the uncertainties which exist in today’s world. The US market is still struggling to pull itself out of recession. Productivity in the US continues to grow at an impressive pace but the country’s stock markets have done poorly and threaten to drag down markets in other parts of the world. In the European Union (EU), growth has also been sluggish but the region’s economic fundamentals are strong. Japan continues to search for ways to rejuvenate its economy while the Asian tigers are still recovering from their own recession in the late 1990s. Elsewhere in the world, important countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Israel and Turkey face crises which are economic, political and/or military in nature.

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