Latest Research: Health and Wellness 2013 Now Live

Euromonitor is proud to announce the geographic expansion of its Health and Wellness research, reflecting the continued contribution of healthy nutrition to the growth and innovation within food and beverage industries.

In brief, Health and Wellness expansion stands for:

  • 22 new geographies – increased geographical scope from 32 to 54 HW countries provides an exceptional coverage of global health and wellness trends.
  • More than 20 new categories – new size and share breakdowns across numerous categories enable clients to gain a unique insight into health and wellness sales patterns in some of the fastest growing product areas in food and drinks globally.
  • New channels– health and wellness distribution data broken down by packaged food and beverages enables a detailed consumer shopping habit analysis.

Health and Wellness 2013 Country Coverage


Source: Euromonitor International


22 new Health and Wellness countries include:

  • Asia-Pacific: Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam
  • Australasia: New Zealand
  • Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine
  • Latin America: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru
  • Middle East and Africa: Egypt, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UAE
  • Western Europe: Turkey, Portugal

The geographic expansion of Health and Wellness translates into 69% growth in the Health and Wellness country coverage equal to a new population of 673 million, to reach 72% coverage of the global population:

  • 99% – 100% population of North America, Australasia and Western Europe
  • 84%-85% population of Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe
  • 79% population of Latin America
  • and 16% in Middle East and Africa

Additionally, the Health and Wellness system is enhanced with new category breakdowns across all 54 countries, which include:

  • Superfruit Juice: 100%, Nectars (25%-99%) and Juice Drinks (up to 24%)
  • Pro / Pre Biotic and Other Functional Spoonable Yoghurt: Flavoured, Fruited and Plain
  • FF: Sugarised Sugar Confectionery, Noodles, Pasta, Prepared Baby Food
  • Sugar free: FF Chewing Gum, Boiled Sweets, Liquorice, Lollipops, Mints, Pastilles, Gums, Jellies and Chews, Toffees, Caramels and Nougat, Other Sugar Confectionery
  • Reduced Salt: Sweet and Savoury Snacks, Sauces, Dressings and Condiments, HW Canned/Preserved Food
  • Reduced Carb: Pasta, Soup, Sweet and Savoury Snacks, HW Canned/Preserved Food
  • Reduced Fat: HW Canned/Preserved Food, HW Chilled Processed Meats, Fish/Seafood and Lunch Kit
  • Organic: Sugar-free and Sugarised Sugar Confectionery, Noodles, Pasta, Dessert Mixes, Frozen Processed Food (Excluding Ready Meals, Pizza, Soup and Noodles), Canned/Preserved Food (Excluding Ready Meals, Soup and Pasta), Chilled Processed Meats, Fish/Seafood and Lunch Kit, Sweet and Savoury Snacks (Excl Nuts and Fruit Snacks), Non-Cola Carbonates
  • Gluten Free: Dried Baby Food, Prepared Baby Food, Other Baby Food Ready Meals

To recap on the existing coverage, this includes:

– Market sizes current to 2012, with forecasts to 2017, which enable to view Health and Wellness sales:

  • by type (Organic, Fortified/Functional, Better for You, Naturally Healthy and Food Intolerance)
  • by category
  • and by prime positioning (Beauty From Within, Bone and Joint Health, Endurance, Energy Boosting, General Well being, Immune Support, Oral Health, Respiratory Health, Urinary Tract Health, Vision Health, Weight Management)

– Volume as well as value data for all market sizes

– Company and brand shares viewable as absolute values, and rankings as well as percentages (2005-2011)

– Country pricing data displayed on system

– Ten years of distribution channel analysis (2002-2012)

– Key functional ingredients by type breakdown (% retail value analysis):

  • Biscuits
  • Bottled Water
  • Breakfast Cereals
  • Bread
  • Flavoured Milk Drinks
  • Chocolate Confectionery
  • Gum
  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Non-cola Carbonates
  • RTD Tea
  • Snack Bars
  • Spreadable Oils and Fats
  • Sugar Confectionery
  • Yoghurt

The following indicators are also provided as available (% retail value analysis):

  • Standard vs Reduced Fat: Fortified/functional Yoghurt
  • Lactose-free Dairy Products by milk versus yoghurt versus cheese versus other dairy products

Global report analysis will begin publishing on a rolling basis from October 2012, giving users a truly global perspective on the latest industry specific trends and other external forces shaping the marketplace.

Country reports will be published on a rolling basis from January 2013 onwards, with analysis continuing to focus on the local strategies and developments within organic, fortified/functional, naturally healthy, better for you food and beverages and food intolerance.