Key Takeaways from Cosmoprof North America 2018

As one of the largest B2B beauty events in the region, Cosmoprof North America brought together thought leaders, industry experts and top players across the beauty industry. From product innovations to new distribution channels to the latest in beauty, five key trends were seen at this year’s Cosmoprof North America.

The Evolution of Ageing in Beauty

People are living longer, and consumers have a growing desire to be healthier. The pursuit of healthier lifestyles is driven by a desire for two things: the ability to live a quality life in the present and the ability to live a long life in the future. Healthy ageing balances both. The desire to be healthier is changing the narrative of ageing, moving away from fighting the signs of ageing to focusing on “looking and feeling good at any age”. This shift is most evident in the beauty industry.

Euromonitor International shared insights on this changing narrative of ageing in the beauty industry in the “From Anti-Ageing to Age-Embracing: The Evolution of Ageing in the Beauty Industry” session, highlighting how companies’ messaging around ageing has evolved while focusing on key opportunities for beauty players when communicating with consumers of all ages. The presentation concluded that consumers’ desire to age in a healthy way overlapped with global and wider-reaching health and wellness trends that were prevalent at Cosmoprof North America.

Heritage-based Storytelling Uplifts Influence of Ingredients

Beauty players heavily leveraged ingredients to communicate innovation in product development through several ways. Ingredients strengthened storytelling narratives from brands tapping into heritage cultures. From Nigella Therapy’s patented extraction method of black seed oil, which was used in ancient Egypt, to Netherlands-based, Nature’s Choice’s Treets Traditions, which created grandmother personas representative of a region that sources potent ingredients used in its beauty lines, beauty brands are elevating their storytelling narratives by actively promoting ingredients with a heritage-based arc.

CBD- and Hemp-infused Beauty Products are the New Frontier of Beauty

The trend for plant-based sourcing, especially in skin care and body care, has extended to CBD or industrial hemp ingredients. The rapid rate of beauty brands incorporating CBD in formulations has created a “gold rush” in which emerging, indie, established and natural-positioned beauty brands have launched products containing CBD in the past few years. According to The Benchmarking Company, efficacy and health and wellness drive consumers’ reasons for purchase of hemp- or cannabinoid-containing beauty products. Top reasons include “hemp/cannabis as a ‘good for you’ ingredient”, “full of vitamins and antioxidants” and “potent cosmetic ingredient”, according to surveyed respondents. Despite the positive connotation of these consumer reasons for purchase, there is a great degree of uncertainty on how beauty brands should market these products since cannabis is not legalized in the US at the federal level. Still, the incorporation of CBD or hemp underscores the fast pace of ingredient adoption in the beauty industry.

Beauty from Within Trend Gains Momentum

The presence of collagen was widespread in both topical beauty and supplement brands, signaling an interesting shift in which beauty companies are entering the supplement space and supplement companies are entering the beauty space. More brands like Glamour Nutrition are beginning to incorporate other ingredients to boost the efficacy and absorption in the body of collagen-containing products, such as biotin, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and peptides. Various types of collagen were promoted during Cosmoprof North America, such as the efficacy of animal-sourced collagen and the technology of hydrolyzed collagen. As collagen continues to mature as a beauty ingredient, the overlap between health and beauty will rise as more consumers seek both beauty products and supplements that harness their beauty from within.

Portability, Convenience and User-friendliness Characterize Sheet Masks

Portability, convenience and on-the-go application characterized packaging trends at Cosmoprof North America. Sheet masks held a strong presence among skin care focused booths, bolstered by the popularity of K-beauty trends. Brands like OhK! And Caolion capitalized on the increased consumer adoption of the multi-step skin care routine by attaching multiple, single-use compartments containing cleansers, toners, essences, ampoules and moisturisers to be applied before or after the sheet mask to the sheet mask packaging. As a result, the usability of this all-in-one-pack product extends to not only travel or on-the-go usage, but as a non-intimidating introduction to consumers unfamiliar with skin care routines.