Is an SABMiller/A-B InBev Merger or Acquisition a Real Possibility?

The graph illustrates a potential global market landscape if the world’s number one brewer was to merge with or acquire the number two brewer. The size of each pie represents the market size per country and the pie-portions illustrate the market share of either company. The horizontal axis demonstrates a forecast-value performance, highlighting positive growth from most markets especially the key ones, such as China and Brazil. The Vertical axis demonstrates the combined market value share, and on the basis of this graph the acquisition backs geographic breadth over market depth. In markets such as the US, where there are market share gains, the companies will be limited by anti-monopoly regulations as A-B InBev already has an almost 50% share of the US market.

Beer Brands Market Share

Source: Euromonitor International

The possibility of an acquisition by A-B InBev is increasingly complex making a consolidation move less likely. A-B InBev would have to pay an increasingly premium price, deal with anti-trust regulations in the US, and manage conflicting strategic-alliances in various markets.

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