Asia Century: Significant Investment to Indian Filmmaking Industry Announced

The Mahabharata, one of the major Sanskrit epics in India, is expected to hit the film screens by 2020. The film will be run by the advertising filmmaker V A Shrikumar Menon and will become the most expensive movie in India. A UAE-based Indian businessman has pledged to invest USD150 million to produce the movie.

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India's filmmaking industry grows by 9% on average each year. by 2020, investment to the Mahabharata moview is expected to reach USD 150 million. the movie will be the most expensive motion picture made in India. Film demand increase will be caused by growing middle class in India.

With India boasting the second largest middle class population in Asia (behind China), its filmmaking industry is well placed for future growth. The Indian Filmmaking industry— the largest producer of films globally, is expected to grow on average by 9% per annum over 2017-2020. Due to the continued enlargement of its middle class, improving standards of living, as well as a range of other economic and social developments, India’s film industry is expected to become more profitable in the years to come.