An Introduction to the 8 Key Global Megatrends

Successfully identifying, analysing and acting on megatrends is essential for success in consumer markets. The world is changing faster than ever, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with competitors as technology spurs both the rate of and access to innovation. Amidst this change, it can be difficult for companies to understand why industries are evolving in the way they are today, much less predict how they will evolve into the future. Megatrend analysis allows companies to build a long-term strategy that is proactive, rather than reactive, making sense of where they stand today, but also ensuring they have a plan to remain relevant moving forward.

Yet, identifying megatrends can be difficult and separating long-term, significant trends from fads and overnight sensations is not always straightforward. Following an extensive research process, we have published eight broad reports on the megatrends our industry, economic and consumer trends experts have identified as being of the most importance to consumer goods businesses across sectors.

Experience more, shifting market frontiers, healthy living, shopping reinvented, middle class retreat, ethical living, premiumisation, connected consumers

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