Internationalisation and Global Markets Prospects for Vitamins and Dietary Supplements


Euromonitor International was present at the Annual FederSalus Convention in Milan on 26th June 2014, when Filippo Battaini, Retail Analyst, delivered a presentation entitled ‘Global Opportunities and Prospects: Countries, Products and Channels’, focused on an overview of the geographical markets  that show the most opportunities and that Euromonitor International sees as the best performing for vitamins and dietary supplements, including South East Asian middle economies, China, Russia and United Arabs Emirates. The presentation also includes an analysis of the main distribution channels in these regions and the opportunities that multichannel retailing, online retailing and direct selling can offer, with concrete examples of how companies have entered and operates in these markets. The presentation was delivered to an audience of about 100 representatives of leading pharmaceutical companies. Speakers at the event included delegates  from the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, consultancy firms KPMG and Bain & Company, law firms and the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Download an exerpt from the presentation