Include and Inspire in Singapore


In June, twenty-five members of our Singapore office used paid volunteering leave to provide 27 children with an action packed fun day out.  The day was run in partnership with AMK Family Services Centre.  Established in 1978, the one-stop centre provides social services for everyone in the family – from children to grandparents; focusing on low income families.

In the morning of their activity day, the children had the opportunity to try rock climbing for the first time, with many overcoming fear of heights and hesitations.  The use of a peer support sport was great in breaking down barriers and greatly boosted the children’s self-confidence.  The afternoon focused on art with a visit to the Singapore Art Museum where they participated in mask making and made animals from strings.  The day ended with a presentation of goodie bags and prizes for the children to take home.

Activity days and access to new experiences are vital to the development of the self-esteem and resilience of the children the centre supports.  The day was also incredibly beneficial to our staff members in particularly bringing colleagues together who would not normally interact on a day to day basis.

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