High Income Households by City 2013

Emi_US-100000-v1.0-01We release a 2013 update to previously published datagraphic of high income households (defined as household with annual income of at least US$100,000). Over one year, the number of high income households increased by around one million to reach 105 million in 2013, and New York overtook Tokyo as the world’s key centre of wealth (mainly as a result of changes in currency exchange rate fluctuations, as numbers are reported in current prices). In fact, the US dominate the top 20 city list of high income households with only seven cities coming from other parts of the world (namely, three cities in Japan, two in Australia and Europe). The geographic concentration of rich households remains astonishing: for example, New York accounts for less than 0.3% of the world’s population as of 2013, yet 3.4% of households with an annual income of US$100,000.