Hear Euromonitor Speak at the 28th IAF World Apparel Convention

Date: September 24-28, 2012
Location: Oporto, Portugal

On September 27, join Euromonitor’s Global Head of Apparel Research, Magdalena Kondej, as she explores the recent developments in the apparel industry during her presentation, “Global Apparel: Shifting Consumer Demand and Winning Strategies for Growth”, which focuses on the fashion business in a changing environment.

Key findings of Euromonitor International’s presentation include:

  • Although global apparel sales have returned to pre-recession growth levels, shopping habits have gone through a profound change and building consumer relationships has become more challenging than ever. Weaker performance in Western Europe, rocked by the debt crisis and subdued consumer confidence levels, reflects the highly promotional apparel retail environment.
  • Today, bargain-conscious shoppers expect the discounts to keep coming and they are increasingly using technology to flex their bargaining power. Online sites have sprung up around the world helping consumers compare pricing in traditional stores with items online. Consumers are also increasingly treating brick-and-mortar stores as showrooms, visiting them to check out products before returning home to purchase at the best price online.
  • China once again is emerging as the star performer with value sales expected to exceed US$400 billion by 2016. That said, the growth in Chinese consumption – as with growth in GDP – is in the process of correcting to more sustainable levels. The slowing of China’s economic growth this year has been a trigger for consumers to act more prudently but even prudent spending in China still has capacity to yield attractive medium to long-term results for apparel players.

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