Hear Euromonitor Speak at Checkpoint Apparel Day

Date: March 1, 2012
Location: The Dusseldorf Fashion House, Dusseldorf, Germany
Event Description:  Apparel experts, interactive workshops and discussions with peers will help you discover how intelligent labeling solutions can help you boost sales and profits.
Speaker: Lamine Lahouasnia will present, “Getting more from less: The future of apparel in Europe” which will focus on how the apparel industry is likely to respond to saturation in the European consumer market.


Flat population growth and an underwhelming economic recovery have raised concerns that the European consumer market has reached its peak in terms of volume consumption. For the apparel industry, decades of deflation has left retailers and manufacturers dependent on increased volume consumption for growth. In a keynote speech to the apparel industry, Euromonitor International will address the key question: “how can the apparel industry continue to grow without rises in volume?”

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