Hear Euromonitor Speak at CAC’s Annual Conference

Date: October 11, 2011

Location: The Granite Club, Toronto, Ontario

Event Description: Representatives from all sectors of the coffee industry will join colleagues at Canada’s number one educational coffee forum.

Sessions include: 

  • Highlights from the 2011 Canadian Coffee Drinking Study and the first installment of the Canadian Youth Beverage Study
  • Insights on coffee in the Canadian foodservice market according to most recent NPD data
  • Overview of coffee’s position in the ever-changing grocery sector
  • Health effects of coffee – further analysis of the benefits of coffee consumption
  • The role of coffee in the global beverage market – changes in global drinking habits
  • What’s new with the CAC – review of association activity including an update on how our current strategic plan will increase the value of membership

Speaker: Svetlana Uduslivaia, Senior Research Analyst, will present “Global Drinking Habits: Share of Throat and Share of Wallet Currently and In the Next Five Years.

Uduslivaia’s presentation will look at the current state of the global market for beverages as well as projections and expectations for the next five years. The presentation will analyze and contrast current trends and opportunities from the perspective of share of throat and share of wallet in the beverage categories globally, and will look in more detail at opportunities in the key developed (North America and Western Europe) markets as well as key emerging markets (emphasis on BRIC). The presentation will touch upon trends in both retail and foodservice, including current and future trends in café culture.

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