Hear Euromonitor International speak at the Advancing Self-Care and Responsible Self-Medication for a Healthier Future Conference – WSMI/AFAMELA


Date: 5 – 6 October 2015

Location: Camino Real Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico
About the event: This Conference aims to deepen the understanding and acceptance of self-care and responsible self-medication and open an dialogue about the best regulatory practices for nonprescription products.

Speakers will present an update of the benefits that these practices are bringing to individuals and the healthcare sector in different countries. The Conference will also address the roles that advertising and switching play as key drivers for the development of responsible self-medication.

About our presentation: Monica Feldman, Head of Industry Research at Euromonitor International will deliver the presentation of “Redefining the Profile of the Consumer in Health and Wellness – Trends in Self-Care”, which aims to highlight how self-care is seeing yet another big transformation amid the adoption of novel digital technology (smartphones, wearables and mobile medical devices) that will change how consumers empower themselves for better health. Within this framework, Monica will touch on the status of self-care by measuring value from the perspectives of prevention vs. treatment influenced by emerging digital technologies; the role of the retailing environment in the delivery of health and promotion of self-care practices; and health optimization through the lens of emerging bio technologies, wellness trends and precision medicine as potential source of future growth for the industry.

Website: http://www.afamela.org/index.php/afamela-wsmi-conference