Healthy mind, health body: focus on mental wellbeing at Euromonitor

Mental health has become a key concern for employers in all countries of the world. As an international company, Euromonitor is keen not just to support mental wellbeing in its offices but also to support organisations externally supporting vulnerable people. Each year through our CSR programme we are building on the number of charities we give to, working to improve mental health as well as aspiring to a healthy workforce through our company initiatives.

The upcoming Health and Wellness week taking place in our 14 offices around the world encourages staff to think about how they deal with stress and to help provide strategies for them to do so. Sometimes stresses from home life overlap into work too so we are looking at management strategies and how to support family members. Different offices will be running a range of wellbeing activities for staff including stress management workshops, laughter yoga, lunchtime presentations on mental illness and supporting children at home, and an inter-office mindfulness session.

We are not just looking at Euromonitor employees, however. As a company, we support 11 charities around the world dealing with mental health in different countries including:

Place2Be a leading children’s mental health charity working in schools across England Scotland and Wales.

Unity in Health in Nepal providing training for medical staff to better understand, manage and support people with mental health problems

Street Talk in London giving professional counselling to vulnerable women

the Blue Letter Project in Shanghai providing support to children left in rural areas when their parents move to the city

Rafiki Mwema in Kenya supporting child victims of abuse

Click here for more information on the charities we support.