Euromonitor to Speak at Healthy Aging 2016


Name: Healthy Ageing 2016

Date: 3/29/16; 13:30 – 18:30 Paris

Event Type: Webinar

Speaker: Monica Feldman, Head of Industry Research

Session Title: Unlock healthy ageing: Key trends

Event Overview: What is healthy ageing? We’re talking health optimisation and that is something that concerns all demographics from young women concerned about their skin to stressed professionals concerned about heart health to the elderly bothered by muscle wasting and cognitive decline.

While ‘old-school’ institutions like the EU continue to question whether micronutrients can deliver real benefits to the elderly, the mounting science and hive of NPD activity suggests otherwise.

Here we explore the actions of the food, drink and supplement brand leaders, the formulations, the science and regulatory environment in an unmissable forum that spans demographics as it does all elements the healthy foods and supplements sectors.

Who should attend?: This online event is a must for food, drink and supplement manufacturers, research scientists, regulators, ingredient suppliers, formulators, marketing directors, business development directors and company chiefs to discuss a complex market, its regulatory pressures and outstanding innovations in food, beverages and food supplements.

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