“Global Toy News” Backs Our Industry Coverage

Richard Gottlieb, one of the most influential and well-known names in the global toy industry, highlighted the importance of covering both traditional and video games when analysing the global toy industry, or rather, the global play industry.  If play is not considered a sector by toy industry players, Gottlieb points out, “…the lack of true competitive information will continue to have a negative impact on toy industry decision making.” 

Concluding his post, “The toy industry is dead. Long live the play industry”, Gottlieb emphasizes “…toy companies are just one part of the greater play industry which consists of those who create video games, develop apps, manufacture tablets and create immersive digital worlds”.

However, tracking both traditional toys and games and video games may not be sufficient to make sound strategic decision making. In order to make an accurate assessment of the entire play industry, it is fundamental to analyse other key parameters affecting the industry. Trends in population, income, retailing and consumer electronics have a profound effect on toys and games sales. These trends shape the
industry as a whole, and it’s necessary to analyse them to get a more complete picture of the market.

We’ve put together a complimentary presentation demonstrating this point.
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