Global Green Week 2012

As an office based company Euromonitor’s direct impact on the environment is relatively small, however we take our responsibility in supporting initiatives that prevent and manage environmental risk seriously.

Changing staff behaviour is key to reducing our impact.  To raise awareness of the impact of the workplace on the environment, this year we held our first Global Green Week.  Volunteers across our global offices came together during the week to host a number of activities including:

  • The implementation of new recycling and car-pooling schemes
  • Swap shops encouraging the reuse of clothes, books, toys, jewellery and household goods
  • Switch off campaigns reminding people to shut down electronic equipment at the end of the day

Our London office also hosted a talk by Roger Wilson, of the World Land Trust, on their carbon balanced programme.  We work with the World Land Trust to carbon balance the greenhouse gas emissions associated with business flights for our London office.  Working through local partner organisations in Ecuador, the funds are used to acquire critically threatened tropical forests and in the restoration of degraded habitats.