Global Consumer Types: Minimalist Seeker

Grouping consumers solely by demographics while looking at their buying behaviour and purchase decision-making can give a skewed view of their daily habits and long-term lifestyle choices. Instead, Euromonitor International’s annual Consumer Types Series looks beyond standard demographics. We’ve profiled distinct personality-driven consumer types at both the global and country level.

Changes in attitudes and habits can be tracked through our Consumer Types Series year-on-year, giving you valuable insight on what consumers want and need, even distinguishing among those in the same demographic group.

Best ways to target the Minimalist Seeker

The Minimalist Seeker is focused on living a minimalistic lifestyle and places a lot of importance on sustainability and community issues. They rarely buy non-essential products and are unlikely to make impulsive shopping decisions. Minimalist Seekers place importance on quality and are willing to pay more for this if it means that their purchases will have longevity. This focus on longevity can also be seen through their inclination to fix items rather than purchasing a replacement as well as purchasing second-hand items.

Minimalist Seekers are unlikely to place importance on their image or follow trends. They have the potential to be a great target audience for new product innovations, new brands and private label companies as long as they are in line with the Minimalist Seeker’s values.

Motivations and Preferred Attributes: Minimalist Seeker

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