Giving a Gift of Medical Care Where it is Needed Most

Once again I am pleased to announce that in lieu of mailing traditional greeting cards, Euromonitor has made a number of donations, totally £16,000, to organisations providing medical care to those most in need.

Accessing healthcare is something most of us take for granted.  Should we need medical attention there are doctors we can see, hospitals we can visit and medicines we can take.  However, across the globe there are vulnerable and hard to reach groups who do not have access to such facilities.  It also important that those undergoing treatment, or diagnosed with a life-limiting or terminal illness are given the help necessary for them to live as fully as they can for the time they have left.  This year our regional offices have nominated a variety of charitable organisations, each providing care and support to those most in need.

Organisations nominated by our regional offices to receive support include:

  • Hospice UK
  • Pilsen Homeless Health Service Chicago
  • Red Cross Lithuania and Kaunas National Clinic
  • The Children’s Hospital Trust Cape Town
  • The Fred Hollows Foundation Sydney
  • Doctors without Borders and Friends without a Border Japan
  • Ação Solidária Sao Paulo
  • Fundación Nuestros Hijos Santiago