From Tree Planting to Waste Disposal Euromonitor Celebrates Green Week

In April as part of our global Green Week seven members of our Dubai office were involved in the Give a Ghaf tree planting initiative in UAE.  Taking time out of the office the employees planted a total of 40 trees around their office to support the project which is greening up areas of desert with native trees.

Country Manager Hussein Doughan explained “this was an opportunity for staff to participate in a very practical way in Euromonitor’s Green Week and to help a very worthwhile project”.


Meanwhile in Vilunis, following the introduction of a new recycling system staff members were interested to find out more about where their waste goes and why it would be better for everyone if we recycled more.  Fifteen staff members visited the Kazokiskes landfill site.

Lina Purlyte, Communications Executive, who organised the trip said “people really enjoyed it and the view we saw there shocked most of them.  We got lots of information about how much waste we produce in Vilnius and how the landfill works.  The most impressive thing to see (and smell! – oh my, the smell was terrible) was the amount of rubbish.  Someone said we should take all Euromonitor employees on the trip!”