From Nobel Prize-Winners to Navigating the B2B Digital Landscape


Post originally appeared on IIN Europe website

“Stay curious and keep learning. You don’t have to have all the answers all the time,” says Sarah Boumphrey, Head of Strategic, Economic and Consumer Insight at Euromonitor International. “Grasp opportunities for new experiences when they present themselves, however daunting they may seem.”

Emerging markets – everything from the macro-economic environment through to consumer trends, spending patterns, demographics and the practicalities of doing business – are Sarah’s professional cocoon.

As Head of Strategic, Economic and Consumer Insight at Euromonitor International, she builds on her expertise in emerging markets to translate economic and consumer trends information into useful insight, advising client companies on how these trends have a real-life impact on their business.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and stretching myself intellectually and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to do this during my time at Euromonitor International”, she says. Her role involves producing content for her Economic and Consumer Insight blog, authoring White Papers, speaking at conferences and steering the content on Euromonitor International’s Economies and Consumers subscription website.

Sarah has also participated in numerous webinars and conferences, including a forthcoming engagement alongside Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman and President Enrique Peña Nieto at the Mexico Business Summit. On 22nd October 2015, she will be moderating the “Emerging Markets” panel during the European Information Industry Network Conference 2015.

Sarah describes three main avenues in which digital has affected the business climate around B2B publishers:

  1. The advent of a plethora of free content and a resultant sense of “information overload” which B2B publishers are competing against. This comes along with shrinking attention spans in an “always on” world.
  2. Data and news are being increasingly commoditised. In this context it is vital to retain a USP in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors – both free and paid-for.
  3. Collaboration and sharing have increased. Building relationships with clients is crucial.

How can B2B publishers move forward with digital? Sarah shares four distinct points:

  • Engagement – Publishers should engage with clients, working as a strategic partner – rather than simply selling a product or subscription.
  • Evolve – be ready to change and innovate to meet shifting demands.
  • Custom – one size does not fit all, clients increasingly demand bespoke content.
  • Relevant – know your industry inside out to remain a vital supplier.

Sarah will be moderating the “Emerging Markets” panel at the Information Industry Network’s European Information Industry Network Conference 2015, being held 22nd October at the Emirates Stadium, London. Click here to book, or contact Patrick Angell or Naomi Hoad.