Craving Convenience: From Always-Available to Pre-Planned Experiences

This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 report.

Consumers are Craving Convenience of the pre-pandemic world, longing for the ease taken for granted before daily habits were upended. Businesses are under pressure to rapidly adapt their operations to develop a resilient customer experience while maintaining convenience. Companies must preserve the swift and seamless shopping journey across all channels.

Recapturing lost in-store experiences

Consumer expenditure is expected to shrink alongside an economic downturn, so convenience will play a pivotal role in purchasing decisions. Consumers will be Craving Convenience and seeking businesses that best prioritise safety while minimising changes in established preferences and shopping patterns. Coronavirus (COVID-19) serves as a trial period. High-touch and relationship-driven businesses have an opportunity to test self-serve, touchless or unattended operations.

Preferred In-Store Shopping Features

Source: Euromonitor International Digital Consumer Survey, fielded March to April 2020

Companies are challenged to cultivate a resilient customer experience while upholding what made their business convenient in the first place. New methods, such as QR codes on social distancing ground markers, allow consumers to browse menus or search products while queuing to enter or pay. The goal is to offset COVID-related inconveniences and recapture an experience that feels normal. Solution-based products and services that cater to new consumer routines will drive Craving Convenience forward.

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