Fresh Food Total Volume Consumption Levels Per Capita: 2011









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Eastern Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific continue to drive overall volume growth, outperforming the global market. Rapid economic growth in the likes of China, India and Brazil is boosting incomes. This in turn means that consumers can afford to eat a more varied diet and increase their consumption of preferred foods, especially meat.

Economic uncertainty in Western Europe continues to threaten further gains for fresh food. Consumers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK are increasingly buying less and shopping more selectively. Socio-demographic changes,such as a rising number of working women and single person households, are also driving consumers from fresh to processed food.

Fresh food consumption fell in North America during 2011, dipping below 250 kilos per head. Like their counterparts in Western Europe, North American consumers tend to prefer the convenience and added value of packaged /processed food. Moreover, the relative affordability of eating out – especially in fast food outlets – has further constrained fresh food volumes.