Foodservice Delivery: Latin America Is the Second Fastest-Growing Region After Asia Pacific

Santiago, Chile – Foodservice delivery sales nearly quadrupled in Latin America over the last five years, becoming the second fastest-growing region after Asia Pacific, according to global market research company Euromonitor International.

Launched today, Euromonitor International’s new white paper, “Foodservice Delivery in Latin America: The Search for Growth,” highlights the development, drivers, growth opportunities and challenges of delivery for restaurants and last-mile players in Latin America.

Consumer foodservice is the second-largest industry in Latin America, reaching $200 billion in 2019, according to Euromonitor International. “Last-mile players, restaurants and even cities are constantly reinventing themselves,” says Rocío Guzmán, analyst at Euromonitor International. “Current dynamics, such as socioeconomic factors and the coronavirus pandemic, combined with a strong dining culture are driving demand for delivery in the region.”

Growing urbanisation, the economic landscape and a largely fragmented market have driven the development of last-mile players in Brazil, Mexico and Chile, among other Latin American countries.

“Consumers are loyal to specific restaurants, but not specific apps,” says David Mackinson, research manager at Euromonitor International. “An exclusive deal with local restaurants or popular chains is fundamental to build app loyalty.”

Download Euromonitor International’s free white paper to understand the delivery boom in Latin America.

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