X International Conference for Household Industry

June 8, 2021 to June 8, 2021

The main aim of X International Conference for Household Industry is to show the present condition of the industry and the creation of the know-how platform. Each year’s event gathers around 160-200 attendees, mostly: the owners of the companies, CEOs, executive directors of the production and distribution detergent sectors as well as representatives of science. This year’s conference will present different panels concentrated on legislation, market trends, sustainable solutions and innovative solutions in the household industry.

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Session title: Production Trends of Household Chemicals

Session description: Households chemicals industry in Europe is growing moderately, yet the market is full of perspective categories. Western Europe countries, although are vibrant markets, are losing out to Eastern counterparts in terms of production growth pace. This is not only dictated by lower production costs anymore, but also by dynamic local markets in consumer and, increasingly, B2B segments. As a result, analysis of cross-border relations, competitive landscape and supply chains becomes more and more important for businesses in the industry, especially now, when the future brings new challenges for producers across the continent, related to political instability, Brexit process, slowing European economic growth and deteriorating international trade connections.

Session date and time: 8 June 2021, 9.10-9.35 (Warsaw time)

Speaker name: Justinas Lasinskas, Consultant