WTM London 2020

November 9, 2020 to November 11, 2020

After 40 years of you coming to us, WTM London 2020 is coming to you! We are facilitating a completely virtual event which is taking place on 9-11 November. The main aim is to help recover and rebuild and shape the travel industry at a time when it needs it the most. The virtual event will focus on restoring and developing business connections, growing your network, your brand and learning how to make your comeback.

The virtual event will take place across three days, from 7am-10pm, to allow access from the different zones across the globe. The live conference sessions and forums will be tackling some of the issues the industry is facing today, as well as speed networking sessions, one-to-one meetings, and virtual networking opportunities. We want to keep the global travel conversation alive and help deliver new connections as well as offering a wide range of online business opportunities.

We will address the impact the global health pandemic has had on the travel and tourism industry and discuss a road map to recovery, identifying the trends and innovation shaping the future of the industry and show you the path that lies ahead.

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Session title: Accelerating Travel Innovation After Coronavirus

Session description:Drawing on Euromonitor International’s bank of innovation concepts across 100 countries, Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research, will review how the travel industry has jumped on innovation as a way to survive the seismic impact of Coronavirus that brought global travel and tourism to an abrupt halt in 2020.

Being COVID-19-ready has quickly transformed into the new normal, with the industry doubling down on hygiene protocols, implementing social distancing and providing a customer-centric approach to kickstart recovery.

Innovation is taking multiple forms as digitalisation and sustainability are accelerated. New source markets, consumer segments, business models and alternative revenue streams are but some of the strategies being explored to ensure survival.

Session date and time: 9th November 2020 at 9:00 GMT

Speaker name: Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research