World Confectionery Conference

June 1, 2021 to June 1, 2021

The World Confectionery Conference is the global sector showcase, hosted by the established publication Confectionery Production, addressing a wealth of industry developments and challenges affecting international sweets, snacks and bakery markets around the globe. The conference assembles delegates and suppliers from across the world and the entire industry across the wider confectionery industries, within the virtual platform.

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Session title: Anytime, Anywhere: The Evolution of Snackification in 2020 and Beyond

Session description: Coronavirus deeply disrupted snack occasions. In the short term, drastic reductions in mobility changed snacking from an “anytime, anywhere” to “always at home” occasion. Immediate consumption, impulse and experiential elements were substantially reduced, while portability becomes the defining feature of category and channel performance. This presentation explores how the pandemic’s evolution will shape the future of snacking, with key opportunities and threats.

Session date and time: 1st June, on-demand

Speaker name: Natalia Theofilopoulou, Research Analyst Food & Nutrition