Wabel Online Wine & Spirits Summit

November 5, 2020 to November 6, 2020

The Wabel Online Wine & Spirits Summit will consist of two days to meet potential business partners during pre-matched and pre-scheduled B2B Smart Meetings™ to bring together curated buyers and vetted suppliers from the Wine & Spirits industry.

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Session title: Changing landscape in the beverage’s markets in Western Europe

Session description: Changing consumers needs in light of COVID-19 are creating new opportunities for beverages in the retailing space in Western Europe. At the same time, this also generates challenges around price and affordability of products in times of economic recession. Yet it appears that the previously ongoing trends of health and wellness and sustainability have been accelerated by the pandemic. In fact, in the soft drinks space (water, carbonate, juice), consumers are ever more embracing the sugar reduction trend and looking for beverages with eco-credentials. In the alcoholic drinks space (wine, beer, spirits), the extended phases of lockdown around Europe and the on-trade closure have driven a clear channel shift and transfer from HORECA consumption occasions into the at-home space. This presentation considers the new opportunities and challenges that the pandemic has generated over the beverages industry in 2020 and explore future growth scenario.

Session date and time: Thursday, 5 November at 9.30am CEST

Speaker: Nina Tiquet, Analyst


Session title: Is Coronavirus the End for Craft Beer and Spirits?

Session description: COVID-19’s devastating effect on bars and pubs will last far beyond initial lockdowns, as will changes in purchasing behaviour. The on-trade is highly important to craft – for sales, brand equity and innovation. Most micro-producers previously followed a taproom-orientated business model, but direct-to-consumer sales have proved a vital lifeline during lockdown. Maintaining a diversified approach could provide resilience as the period of uncertainty continues. However, with consumers across markets trading down in their drinking choices, where does craft fit in?

Speaker: Anna Ward, Consultant