The Luxury Network

June 30, 2021 to June 30, 2021
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Described as “The next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media, The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group.

The Luxury Network’s objective is simple: To facilitate co-operation and exciting new business development activities between top-end companies, under the umbrella of affinity marketing, providing direct access to each other’s pre-qualified, high net worth private clients.

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Session title: Opportunities in luxury travel during the digital and sustainable evolution

Session description: Join Euromonitor International’s Head of Travel Research, Caroline Bremner, on a journey to discover the latest global travel trends as destinations gradually reopen. As restrictions are still in place in parts of the world, there is a clear paradigm shift towards conscious, experiential, and purpose-driven travel.

In this session, we will explore where opportunities lie ahead for luxury travel brands, in a world where digital and sustainable evolution is rapidly taking place.

Session date and time: 30th June at 12pm

Speaker name: Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research