The Inspired Home Show

McCormick Place - Chicago, IL
March 14, 2020 to March 17, 2020

The Inspired Home Show (previously the International Home + Housewares Show) connects not only buyer to seller but also product to lifestyle, and the housewares industry to the consumer mindset. While in Chicago successful retailers and manufacturers bring individual products and display elements together to create inspiring environments that drive sales.

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Session 1 title: From Digital to Sustainable: Gen Z’s Impact on the Future of Housewares

Session description: Generation Z consumers are digitally native, individualistic, open-minded and eco-conscious. By 2030, roughly 659 million households globally will be headed by this cohort. They prioritize sustainability, transparency and experiences. As Generation Z ages, their characteristics and values will shape future families, influence shopping preferences and change the way housewares are used. Retailers and manufacturers need to understand their preferences and behaviors to prepare for the shifts this generation will bring.

Session date and time: Monday, March 16, 9:30—10:20 a.m

Speaker name: Svetlana Uduslivaia, Head of Research


Session 2 title: Connected Commerce: How voice and automated ordering are changing the retail landscape

Session description: We will share information about the continued growth of voice commerce and connected appliances as well as examples of some of the most successful cross-industry partnerships already available to consumers. Our talk will help any player in the home goods space consider the importance of these new retail spaces and how they can become involved. We also intend to use data from Euromonitor’s Lifestyle Survey to demonstrate shifts in consumer behaviour and acceptance of smart home ecosystems.

Session date and time: Monday, March 16 at 11am

Speaker name: Warren Kress, Research Analyst