Smart Home Summit

The Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront - San Francisco. CA, USA
November 19, 2019 to November 20, 2019

Following a phenomenal 2016 launch, Smart Home Summit 2019 is only gaining momentum. This year covers the issues, solutions and ongoing marketing developments that could make or break the smart home market. For you, that means meeting top-tier vendors, networking with key members of the Smart Home Ecosystem, and experiencing the presentations and panels that will take connected living from cool to crucial. Our number one goal is to connect you with the technologies, companies and people that make a difference in this industry.

This year’s topics include:

• Solving interoperability issues and moving the market forward

• Cyber securing Smart Homes: Creating and adopting Standards, Principals of Cybersecurity Design, Preventing Hack Opportunities

• Recognizing underutilized markets, gaining a toehold, and tapping into the undeniable value of Smart Home-generated Data

• What the Future Will Bring: Achieving true automation, designing for technical and human longevity in homes, connecting the dots to integrate smart homes and neighborhoods into smart cities

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Session title: Removing chronic roadblocks to adoption by solving interoperability issues

Session description:

The frustration of trying to set up technologies, living with devices that don’t work together

Risk of killing the market because the emphasis primarily is on getting connected devices out there rather than making certain they work properly/seamlessly

There are home automation systems that provide a well-integrated app experience but they limit the ability to add off-brand devices

The limited ability to coordinate sensors & devices from anywhere/anytime limits the ability to achieve true home automation

How do we solve for this? Are there solutions already on the market? If not, what is the first step toward cracking the interoperability roadblock?

Session date and time: Nov 19, 09:50

Speaker name and title: Luis Zamudio, research analyst